Spiritual renewal

Prayer Retreat

McMahan Chapel UMC offers the ideal setting for a time of individual and group discernment through prayer.

  • Commune with Nature

  • Pray/Meditate in the Prayer Garden

  • Walk the Labyrinth

  • Enjoy the Event Center and all it has to offer to make your stay more meaningful and enjoyable

  • The Chapel has prayer services and curriculum available or you can bring your own.

Unlock United Methodist History

Escape the Ordinary

Explore the cemetery...Discover the mysteries of the Chapel...connect that with the historical Event Center for the most meaningful escape room ever!

Use the clues provided to lead you through the  history of the United Methodist denomination.

Bible Study

You will find resources stored at McMahan Chapel UMC that will provide Bible studies for every small group imaginable.

Keep McMahan Chapel  UMC in mind for your next scriptural and spiritual experience.