Experience Sacred Words...on Sacred Ground

Experience Holy Week at McMahan Chapel

  • Experience the Sacredness of Prayer!

The Chapel is open every day during Holly Week with the opportunity of the liturgy for prayer services. Prayer cards are available for individuals who would like to come and pray for specific needs of specific people. Prayer cards are collected during Lent with individuals needs and names. Liturgy will also be available for groups of two or more. The liturgy can be selected and adjusted to fit a group as small as two as well as large groups. 

  • Experience the Sacredness of Meditation!

Walk the labyrinth that is situated in our Prayer Garden area. Take a personal journey and let the meditation cards provided guide you in a meditative walk that will encourage you to recall the times you were closest to Jesus and the revelation that He still walks with you daily. Take a cross that has been provided just for you at the end of the walk, as a reminder of what Jesus has done, and continues to do for all of us.

  • Experience the Sacredness of Scripture!

Walk the Trail of Names to see who the scriptures say Jesus is! We have chosen fifty names of Christ in the scriptures to share with you as you walk through the area marked by crosses and purple sashes. Each stop will display a card with a name of Jesus on it and where it can be found in the scriptures. At the end of the Trail there will be a plastic box for you to take that will contain all fifty names and scriptures. Take them with you for future reference.

  • Worship with us!

Join us for Palm Sunday lunch and Worship service,  Tenebrae/Communion Service,  Easter Sunrise Service at 6:30am followed by breakfast in the Event Center

For parties of 3 or more, Call Sharron Mills 936.275.6843

The women's group from the First united methodist church of Longview  Experiencing Holy week at McMahan